City Chorus is a friendly, hard working choir, open to all with no audition. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings in the city and perform several times a year in beautiful venues.


Our musical director is Paul Ayres and our accompanist (piano and organ) is Philip Shannon. Our concerts feature top professional musicians.


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We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Annual membership is paid on a calendar year basis with renewal for existing members falling due at the start of the year.  Please pay your subscriptions on or before Tuesday 20th September (or for new joiners after your third rehearsal).



  1. Rebate for returning members

The amounts show in the above table are for those who were not members of the choir in the Spring 2020 term and are re-joining now.  We will contact you individually if you are affected.



  1. Concessions

We encourage all members who can afford it to pay the full subscription rates.  A concessionary rate is available for those of limited means[1] who would find the full rates unaffordable.  The committee is happy to consider any cases of hardship.



  1. Ways in which you can pay

On-line payment – our preferred method for the payment of your subscription is on-line:

  • Bank name:                        Barclays Bank plc

  • Bank sort code:                 20-32-06

  • Bank account number:    30626511

  • Bank account name:        City Chorus

  • Reference:                         Please show your name, so we know that it is you who made the payment


Once you have set up your payment please email Angus Bantock, the Treasurer, confirming the amount and dates of payment.



Other methods of payment:

  • Debit card

  • Cash

  • Cheque – if you do need to pay by cheque  then please make it payable to “City Chorus” and email the Treasurer requesting his mailing address.

Please note that we no longer accept payment via PayPal.



  1. Contact details

The Choir’s Treasurer is Angus Bantock.You can contact him at or in the break at rehearsals.



  1. Requirement to purchase concert tickets

Each member of the choir is required to purchase two tickets for each concert (at £10 each[2]).  We keep the process simple by collecting the amount for tickets at the time that you pay your subscription, and the cost of these tickets is included in the amounts payable which we have shown overleaf. 

We will hand you your tickets two or three weeks before each concert.  Of course we hope that you will buy more than two tickets for each concert, and encourage you to sell as many tickets as you can to friends, family and colleagues.


In 2022 the requirement to purchase concert tickets is affected (for those who were members in Spring 2020) by the fact that we were unable to stage concerts between March 2020 and July 2021.  So you may not need to pay for concert tickets for this term – if you are affected, we will contact you.



  1. Joiners in the Summer and Autumn terms

Annual subscriptions are paid on a calendar year basis.  Members who join the City Chorus, paying for a full year in advance benefit from a lower subscription. 


To ensure that new joiners in the Summer and Autumn terms are treated fairly, joiners in the Summer term also benefit from the lower charges if they commit to join for two terms. 


New joiners in the Autumn term can also benefit from the lower charges by receiving a rebate of £24 for full members (£12 for concessionary members) against your 2022 subscription if you re-join for the full 2023 year.



  1. Gift Aid

The choir is able to reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 of subscriptions, for those members who have signed a Gift Aid form.  To ensure that our records are up to date, when you pay your subscription could you provide to the Assistant Treasurer the following:

  • Confirm whether you are tax paying in the current tax year, and conform to the statement that “I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference”

  • Provide your current address if you have moved house since you signed a gift aid form




Angus Bantock


July 2022


[1]      May include those in low paid jobs at the start of their working lives, those not in work, or those on means tested benefits

[2]    At the June 2022 Centenary Concert, ticket prices are £10 and £20.  For this concert choir members may use their ticket allocation to exchange for two £10 tickets or for one £20 ticket.